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After School

We collect from  KIlcoole National School and St Brigid's in Greystones. Our After School Club offers peace of mind for you as we provide school runs to the above schools in the morning and afternoon. Healthy snacks and meals are also provided and we oversee homework with the exceptions of reading and spelling. We have one room for after school care facilitating up to 10 children. As well as homework we do activities i.e. Arts and Crafts, Music, Games, Quizzes etc. Also providing a computer, DVD and television for their enjoyment, where possible we arrange outings throughout the year and run a summer camp programme with a wide variety of activities


Early food experience can set patterns for life. The importance of giving children a healthy balanced diet can hardly be overestimated. With this in mind, we have devised our menu to incorporate balance, variation, nutrition and taste. We are also guided by the East Coast Area Health Board under the guidance of H.A.C.C.P. We cater for special dietary requirements eg Gluten free, Diabetes,Vegetarian,Organic etc. We provide a 3 week menu, advised by our local HSE Advisor.

Health and Safety

Every area of health and safety is in accordance with requirements of the local Health Board with which we are registered. We are fully insured and we have regular Fire safety inspections, recieve an annual fire safety certificate and we record our monthly fire drill procedures. We are members of Early Childhood Ireland - the industry body for Childcare providers. There are also 2 members of staff trained in first aid on the premises at all times.

Contact Us

Little Green Giants
2 Lott Lane, Kilcoole, Co WIcklow
Tel.. 01 2017633
Fax 01 2875697
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